Day 1 at NR

…. wasn’t nearly as scary as I’d built it up to be in my overactive imagination, despite the distractions of India and Nepal. That said, it does feel really weird to be the newbie and to be somewhere that has some elements that are really familiar and others that are totally alien.

This morning was given over to a general induction, including an overview of the firm, security briefing (another glorious photo on my pass/the intranet) and some basic IT training. I spent the afternoon exploring the intranet and setting up Outlook (hurrah!). I have DMS training tomorrow, and (probably) laptop training on Thursday (flat screen monitor and laptop come as standard!), and *then* I’ll probably have to do some real work!

One thought on “Day 1 at NR”

  1. Just remember that it could be worse. You could be a Nepali politician.

    (yes, we were worried about you, dear.)

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