I *heart* Jewel in the Crown Holidays (not)

One of my least favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon…. writing another letter to Jewel in the Crown about why Hazel and I are seeking a refund for the holiday we bought from them, staying at the half built, not quite ‘Le Meridien’ yet, Kovalam Beach hotel. Judge for yourself: brochure vs our reality.

Typically Jewel in the Crown’s response to my letter of complaint arrived the week after I left on my between jobs trip to northern India and Nepal, and when I got back I also found Donna’s letter with copies of her equally unsatisfactory correspondence with Jewel in the Crown.

So I’ve spent my first Saturday back in the UK, at the end of my first week in a new job, writing to Jewel in the Crown. Again. If anyone ever hears me considering a swanky package holiday ever again, please remind me of this unhappy experience.

I’ve emailed Pauline to see if Jewel in the Crown are being equally unrepentant to all three of us, and I’ll have another look at Which?‘s website, to see what they say about package holiday horror stories, and Citizens Advice Bureau’s AdviceGuide to see what we need to do to take our complaint to the small claims court.

I’m not quite at that stage yet, but it will depend on Jewel in the Crown’s next response.

One thought on “I *heart* Jewel in the Crown Holidays (not)”

  1. I quite agree

    This tour operator is totally crap! The staff and service and the MD, Plston Loizou, the rudest and most obnoxipus twerp I’ve ever encountered. He told me to p*ss off when I phoned to complain. Charming!

    My holiday to Goa was the worst ever. No back up, rude discourteous service and generally the worst experience ever.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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