ISEB Oral – done

It may sound like some dental hygiene ‘event’, but in fact it’s the long-planned – and I’d thought lost-on-leavingISEB exam to become a BCScertified project manager.

Theresa surprised my with a “We’ve booked four slots. We are now but three. Do you want to make up the numbers?” email within hours of my re-joining Simmons & Simmons, and my reaction was, “Why not?”. So after re-reading my OU course books and notes, joining Theresa, Steve and Maurice for a couple of revision sessions, and trying to map those and my experience to the ISEB syllabus, I headed off to Covent Garden this morning.

Two nice gents were the examiners, and the 45 minute oral was a series of high-level questions on mainly practical points. That said, it wasn’t as interview-like as I’d thought it might be, and they seemed very focussed on scoring the buzz-words. That said, they didn’t seem to concerned that I offered up a mixture of “we do this” and “we don’t do this, but I know the theory/what we should be trying to do”. Goodness only knows if that was the right thing to say, but it felt like it at the time. I hit a few blank spots, even with their prompting and pointers.

Have I passed? I don’t know – maybe; maybe not. I’ll let you know in a fortnight or so when we get the results. Fingers crossed times four.