Stevie D – namechecked!

…. in Emily Bell’s piece on the new search they’ve implemented on The Guardian’s websites, Forget the baroque syntax – searching is now easier than ever:

We have ditched what Stephen Dunn, our chief technical officer, described as the “baroque syntax” of our old search, which delivered poor results, and replaced it with something that enables you, we hope, to find what you are looking for, but also offers added information about our journalism.

One for Silhilians only I suspect, but it still makes me go “How cool is that?!”.

One thought on “Stevie D – namechecked!”

  1. As a Silhilian I appreciate it – it’s just way way cool. As was my meeting with 2 staff from the beeb who I met at DUX05 last weekend out here in San Francisco, who texted Tom to say “hi” from me… 🙂

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