Saturday night out in town!

I know, sounds like it’s a rare event, which in many ways it is. Phil and I are great at walking into central London to get to classes at the City Lit, and to the cinema, and for the occasional mutually successful stroll along TCR for gadgets and flat furniture/stuff, but we rarely head into town for anything else, apart from the occasional group drinks, which are becoming increasingly rare as folk settle down and start sprogging…..

However, having been talking with Cait for a while about a night out at the theatre after our joint trip to see Stuart Lee at the Soho Theatre, we ended up arranging to meet her and Mackay in Leicester Square to watch Richard Herring do stand up in Ruby Blue, after which we headed round the corner into China Town for a leisurely meal – there was even a veggie set meal option! We all had a lovely time, and a late night!