Jean’s 60th Birthday Party

A lovely party to celebrate Jean’s 60th birthday at Forty Acres with lots of family and friends old and new, even if it turned out a little wet and windy after the past x weeks of hot, dry weather. The marquee came into its own and Food From Here laid on a mouth watering menu, all sourced from the Golden Valley – right down to the Three Choirs wine. Delicious, and a few glasses helped oil the joints of those who could still co-ordinate their limbs for the ceilidh. and Jean’s birthday cakes were fabulous, especially the photo transfers!

A decidedly autumnal (aka dark, wet and windy) drive home, courtesy of Tom and Jo, who’d left Barney and Rosa in the tender care of Grandad and Aunty Jean for the rest of the week. We took the opportunity to discuss sports cars…. Mazda MX 5 vs Smart Roadster.

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