Hindu Kush Adventure – Photos finished

… and available in my imaginatively named “Hindu Kush Adventure” set on Flickr.

Day 1 (28 September 2006): Depart London on overnight BA flight to Islamabad
Day 2 (29 September 2006): Arrive Islamabad, drive to Peshawar
Day 3 (30 September 2006): Peshawar
Day 4 (01 October 2006): Khyber Steam Train up the Khyber Pass
Day 5 (02 October 2006): Drive over the Malakand Pass to Dir
Day 6 (03 October 2006): Drive over the Lowari Pass to Ayun
Day 7 (04 October 2006): Ayun town tour and into to the Rumbur Valley, staying with the Kalash at Balanguru
Day 8 (05 October 2006): Balanguru and hike to the Nuristani village of Shakanande
Day 9 (06 October 2006): Balanguru and hike to Pelaga, the Wild Frontiers hideaway
Day 10 (07 October 2006): Balanguru to Chitral town – sightseeing and shopping!
Day 11 (08 October 2006): Chitral town to Hindu Kush Heights hotel
Day 12 (09 October 2006): To Mastuj, via Buni Zom, for dinner with Colonel Khushwalalt Ul Mulk
Day 13 (10 October 2006): Over the Shandur Pass to Phander
Day 14 (11 October 2006): Phander to Gilgit, then on to Karimabad along the Karakoram Highway
Day 15 (12 October 2006): Karimabad (shopping!) and the Eagle’s Nest Hotel
Day 16 (13 October 2006): Karimabad to Chilas, back along the Karakoram Highway
Day 17 (14 October 2006): Chilas to Islamabad
Day 18 (15 October 2006): Early morning flight to UK

Note: those links will take you to the photos for each day – but they display in reverse order. If you go to my “Hindu Kush Adventure set, you’ll see my photos in the correct order.

Here is what to do if you want to download a copy of any of the photos:

1. Click on the photo you want to download so that only it is displayed on the page. Just above the photo and under the title, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon with the label “All sizes”. Click on this.
2. You’ll now be on a page for that photo that lists all the available sizes you can download it in. Click on the description of the size you want. It will display in your browser. I would choose “Original” – especially if you are planning to print the photo – as this will be the best quality. But it will take up the most room on your PC.
3. When you have decided which version of the photo you want, click on the “Download the X size” link.
4. Your PC will ask you where on your PC you want to save the photo. I’d create a new folder somewhere called something like “Mary’s Photos from the Hindu Kush Adventure”. Click on OK and the photo will save onto your PC.

And if you want to put faces to names:


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