Iran: Tehran to Hamedan

On our first day, in Tehran, we were treated to an evening show of electric thunderstorms complete with amazing lightening, together with a fresh fall of snow on the Alborz mountains from the previous day, and were welcomed in Hamedan with hailstones the size of Mint Imperials bouncing off the main roads!

There’s a film festival on here, and Stan (our leader) has already been nabbed for an interview on the merits of guidebooks. Today was a scorcher, and Hamedan was a great first stop after the metropolis of Tehran – offering both ancient monuments (Ectabana mud brick built city excavations, the stone lion carving Alexander the Great commissioned to commemorate the death of one of his generals who died on the trek back from India …) and a brilliant couple of hours exploring the bazaars and backstreets. I’ve got some fab photos for vol 2 of my travels 🙂