Phil’s post it note kiss quest

Back from a fantastic fortnight in Iran (more about that once I’ve downloaded and sorted through my 500+ photos)…. Phil is spending the day in Bristol, but he left me a Welcome Home quest, consisting of fuschia kiss shaped post it notes hidden around the flat. So far I’ve found kisses:

– on the bathroom light switch
– in the washing basket
– on the washing machine door
– on the bedroom window frame
– on one of my bits of post that arrived while I was away
– under my pillow
– under the duvet on my side of the bed
– inside the bathroom cabinet
– in one of my slipper socks
– in my dressing gown pocket (he knows me so well…)
– on one of the bits of Barbican-related blurb that arrived whilst I was away
– inside my Wild Frontiers travel folder
– inside the tea caddy
– inside the biscuit tub
– on the top of the bookshelves in the lounge
– on the lounge rug (with the info that the most recent episode of “The Apprentice” is in the VCR)
– under the freeview remote control
– on the floor lamp light switch
– in my left hand washing up glove
– on the wood panel ceiling in the kitchen
– in the le creuset pan
– in the cutlery drawer
– in the breadmaker
– on the hot water cylinder
– at the back of the wardrobe
– on the green lentil jar
– in the dishwasher
– in my diary
– in our mailbox
– in my coat pocket
– in the back of the under sink cupboard door
– in the colander in the saucepan drawer
– tucked away in my knicker drawer
– in my beautiful photobook Phil made for my birthday
– on the side of the red geranium plant pot
– on the lounge laptop keyboard
– in the drinks cabinet
– in the veggie cookbook
– in my photo printer

05 August 2007
– in the pocket of my short beige skirt (summer’s finally shown up!!)

12 August 2007
– under my painted papier mache tea tray from Kerala

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