Flickr stats – very nice

During my time as elexica editor, I will confess to becoming a true stats junkie… they’re addictive reading – what was popular? what was not? which articles look like they got passed around? which ones suddenly rekindled interest, and why? Well, I spotted today that Flickr offers stats to their Pro users.

Flickr is the website where I publish my photos, mainly to share with family and friends, particularly after my big trips. It’s always offered the opportunity for other people to comment on your photos, and to designate them as a favo(u)rite of theirs, together with details of the number of times other people have clicked into one of your photos for a closer look. That has always been fascinating – why, for instance is Tomatoes, rocket and garlic plants thriving on the roof terrace the second most popular (in terms of views) photo on my Flickr pages? And why did someone select Sideboard in situ as one of their favo(u)rites?

Well now the detail gets even greater… Flickr stats (available under the “popular” link for Pro users) has graphs of views of your account, daily/weekly/all time view counts, details of your most viewed photos “yesterday” and over all time, referrers and some simple data on the organisation of your photos such as number of photos with various access rights, the number geotagged/not geotagged, the number viewed/not viewed etc.

The referrers information is particularly interesting as it lets you see who’s linking to your photos, or has embedded them into their own site. I get a bit concerned about that last option – I know the Flickr API enables it, and I’ve given my photos a Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons licence so that people can use my photos, so long as I’m attributed as the person who took the photo – Architecture for Kids has done it perfectly – but every so often (usually via a google images vanity search) I find my photos on sites without attribution, or on sites that I’m not too sure I want to be associated with. And whilst Flickr Help recognises this, their suggestion that you contact the person running the site to ask them to attribute/remove as appropriate isn’t always available: any suggestions as to how to contact this site?