A new year, a new look for SparklyTrainers

Phil’s moved SparklyTrainers on to Movable Type 4.0, and taken the opportunity to have a play with some of MT4.0’s new features and to tidy up some of the CSS and hacks we’d used on previous versions of Sparkly.

So this afternoon we’ve been busy with the following To Do list:

  • Change the navigation, introducing horizontal tabbed navigation between the various bits of SparklyTrainers
  • Introduce a more consistent look across the various bits, and more consistent navigation/information facets in the main sidebar
  • Use the secondary, far right sidebar to draw in random pictures from my photos on Flickr on every page (other than in Reading)
  • Relocate the Author tag cloud in Reading, from a separate page to the far right sidebar
  • Revamp the home page to pull in more of the most recent entries from Blog and Reading
  • Implemented Google Analytics, to feed my stats fetish

By “we” I really mean Phil, of course….

My To Do list now reads: