Dad’s Broadway birthday

A lovely long weekend in Broadway, staying in luxury at The Lygon Arms, and waking up to snow on Sunday morning was just wonderful – the fresh fallen light white layers coating the village’s Coltswolds limestone buildings like foam, and casting a silence over the surrounding countryside. I did rather envy the families having hillwards pulling sledges behind them….

We were there to celebrate dad’s three score years and ten, his third such birthday party in fact, featuring a lovely dinner at The Lygon Arms on Sunday evening, and a leisurely, Monday-off-work, breakfast-turned-brunch the morning after. Dad’s already got his photos on Flickr; I need to work my way through Bhutan before I get to Broadway. I’ve been back a week, and the photos have yet to make it onto my Mac.

(10 August 2008: Photos finally Flickred! Dad’s 70th Birthday Party)