Happily married

12.30pm at Islington Register Office….

Mary Loosemore and Phil Gyford
Mary Loosemore and Phil Gyford

… followed by a fantastic lunch at Vinoteca, Farringdon….

Wedding Lunch Menu, Vinoteca
Wedding Lunch Menu, Vinoteca

with cake by Jean

Mary & Phil's wedding cake, by Jean
Mary & Phil’s wedding cake, by Jean

But still Mary Loosemore.


2 thoughts on “Happily married”

  1. Mary & Phil. Lots and lots of congratulations from us! Have been enjoying following along on FB, flickr, and via your blog from the other side of the pond. Best wishes to a wonderful couple!

  2. Mary – just stopped by to review some pictures of Central Asia and was stopped in my tracks by the above. You look smashing (Phil, too). How wonderful, and take that, stuffy bureaucracy – everyone needs confetti. Everyone. Everyday. Congratulations, Phil, and best wishes, Mary – Where is the honeymoon? Will expect more photos of someplace nifty. All the best!

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