Almost caught up with my Reading backlog…

One of the problems of reading on holiday, whether it’s Central Asia Overland, or one’s Honeymoon, is that there’s often no access to a computer to write up my Reading on SparklyTrainers… Hence a backlog of entries covering the reading I did in Xinjiang/Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan (September/October) and upto/over Christmas (which I spent flickring my Central Asia photos).

I’ve spent this afternoon on a whistlestop review of that reading and there’s still the past week’s honeymoon reading to catch up on, but that’s only another six books….

Central Asia Overland reading list:

December/January reading list:

The honeymoon six:

  • Fleshmarket Close – Ian Rankin
  • The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Shooting – Melissa Banks
  • The Love Knot – Charlotte Bingham
  • Vagabond – Bernard Cornwell
  • Suffer the Little Children – Donna Leon
  • Three Cups of Tea – Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

2 thoughts on “Almost caught up with my Reading backlog…”

  1. Do you have Agincourt? I have just added it to my reserve list at the library and am about 80th in line.

  2. Not yet…. it’s on my list! I finished Heretic last night, and feel I need a break from English bowmen so that I don’t confuse my male leads! So I’m enjoying a bit of Rebus, set at the time of the 2005 G8 summit in Scotland….

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