Libya Explorer

The Peregrine Adventures Libya Explorer tour is definitely going ahead – yay!

To do:

  • Update my Where Next page (now below)
  • Scan and email a full colour scanned copy of my passport to Peregrine so that they can sort out an ‘approval’ letter from the Libyan Authorities
  • Email details of my occupation to Peregrine
  • Contact Travcour to arrange for an Arabic transcript of my passport
  • Book flights and email the details to Peregrine

Where next?

  • Destination: Libya
  • Why: somewhere I want to experience before Gaddafi eventually goes, plus they have amazing Roman, Greek and Phoenician remains, a stunning coastline, atmospheric ancient towns, deserts and oases.
  • When: April/May 2009
  • How: Peregrine’s Libya Explorer tour


  • Day 1 (Sat) Arrive in Tripoli and transfer to hotel.
  • Day 2 Visit Jebel Nafusa and the Qaser of Kabaw en route to Ghadames.
  • Days 3-4 Full day in Ghadames, including the museum, the old town and afternoon tea in the sand dunes. Visit Nalut and return to Tripoli.
  • Day 5 Full day at Leptis Magna.
  • Day 6 Visit Sabratha. Fly to Benghazi.
  • Day 7 Visit Cyrene and Apollonia.
  • Day 8 Visit Qasr Libya. Fly to Tripoli and then on to Sebha.
  • Day 9 Explore Germa and Ghat. Overnight in Aweinat.
  • Days 10-11 Two full days to explore the Acacus mountains. See rock paintings and engravings.
  • Day 12 More time to explore Acacus area in the morning. Return via Aweinat to Tikarkiba.
  • Day 13 Explore the desert lakes. Fly to Tripoli.
  • Day 14 Trip ends in Tripoli this morning (Fri).

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Books to read

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  1. Me, too. I’m going to Ethiopia in May, because Imaginative was kind enough to lower their $ prices due to the decline in the value of the British pound. Explore, however, has not. Namibia by Explore. Price in pounds? 1610 For you dim Yanks? $3360. Hmmm, seems like $2350 would be closer…

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