Annapurna Circuit: the 10 day countdown

… and I’m a leeeettle bit worried that I’ve done no preparatory hikes/gym sessions, and as a result finding that I get a bit freaked out by comments such as “Yes, my friends did The Circuit last year, and warmed up with a 10 day Mt Blanc trek…..”.


Still, kit is piling up nicely on the spare bed. Hazel and I spent most of last Saturday and a chunk of Sunday visiting the outdoor equipment shops of Covent Garden and St Paul’s/Spitalfields, eventually admitting our ignorance of the differences between the different Goretex and own brand offerings of the waterproof/windproof jacket variety.

Rather annoyed that SportsDirect failed to deliver on the Mountain Equipment Nanga Parbat Goretex jacket. And it’s still showing as apparently available on their website – grrr.

I’m going to buy from Cotswold Outdoors instead, but I’ll be purchasing in person as their flashy website is too overwhelming / frustrating.

So, still on the To Purchase list are:

  • Goretex jacket
  • water purification tablets
  • more walking socks
  • (prescription permitting) Diamox/Acetazolamide
  • (maybe) trek sandals

Update: Struck lucky on my after work Friday foray to the Spitalfields branch of Cotswold Outdoors, leaving with an end of line Berghaus Tasman Paclite Goretex jacket in red, for £75. I think it’s a man’s, but it fits fine! The really helpful guy there explained the pros and cons between that and a reduced Rab and sorted us out with an Aquamira Aquaventure water purification kit too.