Eleven delightful days in Walton on the Naze

Our first trip of the year to Gyford on sea, for a spot of seaside, promenades, reading, relaxing.

A lovely, long holiday courtesy of the Easter and Royal Wedding / Early May Bank Holiday weekends, plus 3 days off work. One of our best holidays at the Gyford caravan, Walton on the Naze.

Blue skies almost every day, and very breezy as we headed towards the Royal Wedding.

Lots of reading, a stroll along the beach to Frinton for a fry up and second hand books, a walk along the Backwaters and the Naze to visit the new coastal defence works and the excellent Naze Tower cafe, and a lot of time at the beach hut. All lovely.


  • Sunsets

    Sunset over the Backwaters at low tide, from the dyke around Naze Marine Holiday Park, Walton on the Naze

  • Strolling around the Backwaters

    The backwaters at high tide, from the dyke around Naze Marine Holiday Park

  • Pints at The Victory
  • Cakes from Lilley’s Bakery and Wright’s the bakers
  • Walking further along the edge of Walton Mere boating lake to the marinas and locating the Martello Tower inside the caravan park
  • Getting the VIP treatment at Curiosity Garden
  • Sheltered reading, lunching and snoozing at the beach hut

    Phil at the Gyford family beach hut, Hipkins Beach, Walton on the Naze

  • Walking from Walton to Frinton, taking photos – beach hut-tastic. A lazy fry up lunch, followed by ice cream. Finding a short cut back
  • Local beers, courtesy of the Grape & Grain off licence in Frinton

    Local bottled beers, from the excellent Grape & Grain in Frinton

BUT …. the Co op has stopped stocking Nik Naks, and that’s *rubbish*.

PS Here’s what I read on my holidays:

One thought on “Eleven delightful days in Walton on the Naze”

  1. Hi

    I live in Walton and am so glad you enjoyed your time here, I have lived here for nearly 4 years and run a local eating establishment. My children and grandchildren have also relocated here from Wales and we are so happy.

    Walton is a wonderful place to live and bring up grandchildren and my family visit very often even though it a long drive.

    Im not sure if you are aware but they are trying to sell off the Walton Mere to fill it and build a huge development for another supermarket (even though we have a tesco planned for the Martello site) another petrol station and a new housing development which would be mainly for holiday homes or people with a little more money than local residents.

    It seems such a shame that we are going to lose a beautiful place, an enviromental disaster for the wildlife, and a potential flood risk. Some of the local people have a petition to try to prevent this and I am trying to raise awareness.

    I hope that you are able to visit us again in Walton and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the place and quaintness of the town.

    Happy and Safe Travelling

    Kind regards


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