Back from the annual Birthday Party Weekend

Just back from a lovely long weekend at dad and Jean’s, for the annual birthday party at Forty Acres.

Taking the train out on Friday afternoon meant we arrived in time for tea. In fact, we arrived with plenty of time for pre dinner drinks, dad-style…. with TJBR joining us around 7/8pm and driving on the the cottage after dinner.

Saturday featured the usual familiar faces, and a stroll to The Neville Arms *, but sadly no sign of Buster. The weather today has been gorgeous, and we had aperitifs while reading the papers and soaking up the sun just outside the porch.

The Newport route home was its usual depressing experience – all the more so as our Arriva Trains Wales 2 coacher got shunted into a siding which meant we missed our connection. All accompanied by a glorious sunset.

* You know, I didn’t expect them to have a website!