Fotopic fail?

My first foray into putting my photos online was using fotopic – enough of an early adopter to get, and between 2002 and 2005 I created many a collection on, before being lured away to Flickr.

Periodically I’ve put “migrate fotopic to flickr” onto my to do list… and with Friday’s having become a non working day I felt inspired to invest the time and effort into recreating my fotopic collections as Flickr sets.

So today I sat down to start the task…. only to find that fotopic appears to have disappeared, without warning and (initially) without trace: - missing in action

Phil pointed me in the direction of a Google Group, but having joined it seems to be more of a shouting shop than anything more constructive.

So I’ve resorted to a Loosemore bodge, using the wondrous Wayback Machine from The Internet Archive, to track down their copy of

Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 12.52.31

I’ve then copied/pasted the data into a simple text file:

Text file of data gleaned from the Wayback Machine, and original photo files

which I then use to profile freshly uploaded photo files on Flickr:

Sambor Prey Kok

Luckily, I’ve always kept the file name as part of the photo profile, and the files are organised into event folders, dated and grouped by year on my computer, so recreating the collection hasn’t proved to difficult, just time consuming.

Today, I’ve reincarnated Intrepid Cambodia – December 2002 (formerly on Flickr. Next week I’ll see what echoes remain on the Wayback Machine of my much larger collection that was at

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