Mont Blanc Circuit: the final countdown

Well, the weather forecast isn’t looking too bad given the jet stream summer we’re having in the UK at present. Accuweather’s 25 day forecast for the fortnight we’re in the Chamonix-Mont Blanc area shows lots of sunny days (and throws in some realism in the shape of “a couple of showers”):

Accuweather's July 2012 forecast for Chamonix Mont Blanc
Accuweather’s July 2012 forecast for Chamonix Mont Blanc

I really like the Chamonix Weather, the Chamonix Mont Blanc tourist office’s weather page, too – particularly the graphical representation of the variation across altitude for today/tomorrow – but it only shows a 5 day forecast and I need a tad more crystal ball gazing to help fine tune my packing.

Talking of packing, I’ve treated myself to a new daypack: it’s a Lowe Alpine AirZone ND 32, women’s specific fit:

I bought a new daypack....