New Year, New Look

With Phil’s help, I’ve given SparklyTrainers a bit of a makeover to mark the start of 2013. To refresh the look and to rebalance the focus between Reading (less) and Travel (more), we’ve:

  • changed the colour scheme from deep red to steely blue
  • changed the sidebars (columns 2 and 3 on each page) for all the pages other than those in Reading
  • brought ‘About Me’ onto sidebar 1, and removed it as a page
  • moved the search down to sit below the archives, which are simple links rather than a calendar display
  • moved the randomised Flickr photo feed from sidebar 2, to lower down in sidebar 1 (a bit too low, as you have to scroll to see it – that’s something to tweak)
  • edited the text associated with the feeds
  • repurposed sidebar 2 to display a tag cloud of the tags associated with entries about the places I’ve been to
  • introduced a new page, for Where I’ve Been
  • removed the Comment option throughout – far too much of a spambot magnet.

Here’s a souvenir of the old style SparklyTrainers home page:

SparkyTrainers home page from 2011
SparkyTrainers home page from 2011