Herefordshire Week 032: Tuesday 04 – Monday 10 August 2020

We’re staying.

Yes, Saturday was Decision Day. It turned out to be a really easy one to make, and only partly thanks to COVID.

Bought a 10 Drawer Wooden Apple Rack from Primrose to celebrate.

What else is there to say? It all seems rather mundane – but here you go:

Did a lot of Household Jobs:

  • Hoovered under the bed. So. Many. Moths.
  • Cleared cobwebs. Sorry spiders.
  • Defrosted indoor freezer.
  • Moved the dining table into the conservatory.

Did some gardening:

  • Propped up the tomatoes.
  • Picked oregano and thyme to dry.
  • Gave everything another good water with dad and Jean’s handy hose arrangement.
  • Pulled up the bolted lettuce and planted out the two trays of seedlings.
  • Collected windfalls and cut back some surprisingly long bramble shoots (technically “canes” wikipedia tells me).
  • Sawed off and cleared dead branches from the big tree down by the bluebell patch.

Did some walks:

  • Bacton Backwards (solo) on Friday.
  • Bacton Normal (with Phil) on Sunday.

Did some computing:

  • Caught up with weeknotes on Monday’s cooler morning.
  • Avoided the too-hot-heat by Flickring photos from Pembrokeshire, Walton and here on Saturday.
  • Chased COVID-19 train refunds: Great Anglia, Avanti, GWR. HOW TEDIOUS.

Did some reading:

  • In The Shadow of the Sword – Tom Holland
  • Deadly Election (Flavia Albia 3) – Lindsey Davis

Made some chutney. First of the year.

Watched Chernobyl (superb). Listened to lots of History Extra podcasts.

In wildlife news I found a tiny frog in the downstairs loo on Saturday, which I liberated down by the pond, and we also had our first bird casualty in months later that morning. This time it was a warbler that went head first into the kitchen window. Thankfully the blinds were down.

But best of all…

The Sheep Are BACK!
The Sheep Are BACK!

Here’s the link for the full set of photos from Herefordshire week 32. Some favourites below:

Clouds across the moon
Clouds across the moon
Bacton Backwards: Butterfly (or moth?)
Bacton Backwards: Butterfly (or moth?)
Bacton Backwards: Dore Abbey - Now Open and COVID-compliant
Bacton Backwards: Dore Abbey – Now Open and COVID-compliant
I've missed Friday Night Pizza!
I’ve missed Friday Night Pizza!
Tomatoes in progress
Tomatoes in progress
Lettuces old(er) and new
Lettuces old(er) and new

This week’s Weeknotes were embargoed until all close family had been informed.