Herefordshire Week 062: Tuesday 02 – 08 March 2021

Foggy and cold; sunny and still. First footpath forays. Blues and bonfires.

We spent most of Tuesday to Friday in low cloud, cold and still, and making me feel like life was even more locked down.

I worked Tuesday morning, taking Wednesday afternoon off to drive into Hereford for my pelvis X-ray (very straightforward, and speedily done – double checking what’s causing my hip pain) and taking the opportunity to pick up some stuff from Wickes, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. We’d done a bulk order from Asda, which got delivered on Saturday night. Awful. Won’t be doing that again.

March is a big month for birthdays. I took delivery of more parcels for Phil, and we picked a celebratory dinner kit. My secret project arrived, as did some Asda photo cards. And Phil got very excited and delighted by the arrival of his professional window cleaning kit. (We now have sparkling windows). Fixed up birthday coffee and cake with dad and Jean on dad’s birthday – when we’ll also be celebrating his second jab. Very relieved about dad’s appointment as I was starting to worry his early first jab had resulted in him getting lost in the system. Looking ahead, I’ve also booked a night at Abbey Dore Pod for my birthday.

Also made tentative arrangements to see other people. I feel that that merits Capitals – See Other People. Taking a week’s holiday ahead of the Pembs weekend pencilled in for the end of May, with Hazel coming for a visit and for a few extra days with Steffi in Far West Wales; and hosting Jess & Co for a lunchtime /  afternoon visit at the end of March.

Walked back from Ewyas Harold on Friday morning – no daffs in Dulas yet but a pair of red kites up on the top of Cwm Hill, and wild garlic leaves down by the ford. Extended the route a little to come back over Thistly Field, exploring a little of the wooded slope. The field is actually much larger than I’d realised.

Lovely weather on Saturday, but cold out of the sun. Short walk down the Dore Abbey, chatting with Thea & Joe and meeting the Man from The Bartons on the way back. An afternoon of odd jobs, tea and hot cross buns.

Got a bad dose of the blues on Sunday and Monday. Who knows why. It can’t just have been the crappy Asda delivery and a woodpecker casualty on the newly cleaned conservatory windows.

Phil and I headed out for a walk on Sunday morning, taking our usual lanes as far as Bacton Stud and then following the footpaths across the fields to Fair Oak. Remarkably straightforward, especially with the maps on Phil’s phone being so much more detailed than even the OS Green Maps. It’s been dry recently too, which meant the mud was at a minimum. Saw another red kite en route, and met the Man from Up On A Hill glampingBattlelands Paintball on the second section of footpaths looping out from Tremorithic Road to the top of Mill Lane hill.

Attempted to get the brash bonfire going in the afternoon. Failed miserably. Had a much better time on Monday, when dad came over (yeah, right, whatever) and helped with a slosh of paraffin. Beautiful day – half wished I was up on The Cat’s Back, although I’d done Duffryn Backwards first thing. But sitting out on the patio for a mug of tea and chocolate biscuit breather was a treat in itself. After lunch, Phil dragged all the brash down that was further up the slope and I managed to get almost everything burned. Just a couple of the big branches escaped their fiery fate when it got too dark. Very satisfying.

Finally burning all the brash....
Finally burning all the brash….

TV: Finished off Justified – we shall return no more to Harlan County, Black Panther, Raiders of the Lost Past with Janina RamirezDeutschland 89 – and a personal favourite Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, Series 2, Episode 5 primarily because it featured Walton Beach Huts. I am wondering what they’ll actually DO with them now though.

Podcasts: History Extra, The EssayBooks & Authors and 99% Invisible.

Photos: Herefordshire week 62 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2021-03-07.