Herefordshire Week 066: Tuesday 30 March – Monday 05 April 2021

Socialising – plenty of it. Our first patio-side conservatory casualty. Happy Easter! Sunshine highs of > 20C, overnight lows of -1C, and hail (again).

Monday 29 March 2021: Part 2 in Step 1 of the Roadmap Out Of Lockdown, including the end of the ‘stay at home’ rule, and Return of Legit Socialising, Outside in Groups of up to 6.

And later in the week, Mark Drakeford confirmed that the border should reopen on 12 April. Welcome to Wales!

On Tuesday we welcomed our First Visitors for months… Jess, Mike and Flora. A gorgeous afternoon (I’d swopped my LW PM for AM), perfect for sitting on the patio chatting, a stroll to the Abbey and back followed by tea and fruit loaf. We’d taken the footpath route across Tan House Farm fields to the Abbey, encountering a loudly mooing cow and spotting people up on the tower roof – turned out to be the team that clears the gutters.

Dore Abbey
Dore Abbey

MORE Outside Socialising on Thursday evening: patio beers and crisps with Thea and Joe to celebrate the start of the long weekend. No Family Zoom due to competing social engagements all round.

A cold start to Good Friday, but the chill wind gave way to glorious sunshine albeit with a nip in the air when the breezes blew. Chatted with Carl, then bonfired all morning, until almost 2pm. The Brash is All Gone. Reading and pottering ensued, and in the soft sunshine of late afternoon, a deer in Thistly Field.

Project Garage got into gear in the week too – on Friday I got a quote for a concrete garage revamp (aka reroof and new door) and on Saturday morning we met with a local builder to discuss garage rebuild.

It’s funny how I veer from preferring one to the other, depending on how easy the engagement is. After round 1, I’m favouring the local builder (and Getting It done Properly) option. But we’ve not had that quote yet 🙂

Preparing for Project Garage

Dug some of the brash ash into the veg bed on Saturday morning, and mid-afternoon after walking the Bacton loop plus Thistly Field, I headed over to Dinedor for tea and cake with dad and Jean before driving into Hereford for a Tour of the Bungalow. The building work and fit out are almost all done, and it looks great. I have (Wren) kitchen envy. How did I become this person?

Then to Aldi and Sainsbury’s for a Big Shop. Both were relatively empty – not surprising given it was a sunny Easter Saturday evening.

A bit down in the dumps on Sunday and Monday. Sometimes the blues simply descend and my sprained hand hadn’t enjoyed shopping and driving. So, I turfed all the To Dos into the long grass and took things easy.

Phil and I headed out for a walk on Sunday morning, coinciding with K&K just past Canns Hill, so we got to chat all the way back to Kerrys Gate. Down to Bacton Stud, then rewalking the footpaths up to Fair Oak with the occasional close encounter with sheep and some lambs en route. Kites above.

Three Sheep sizing us up.....
Three Sheep sizing us up…..

A short stretch along Tremorithic Road to just past the farm, then onto footpaths again to skirt behind the Cefn Farms. (Hmmm – Cefn is Welsh for various things including back / rear and ridge.  Ridge feels more likely, given the location.) Footpaths across the fields to Cwm Hill, then roads all the way home.

Gate and Stile, on the footpaths to Tremorithic
Gate and Stile, on the footpaths to Tremorithic

Al fresco lunch out on the patio. Leisurely afternoon.

Monday’s highlight was a lazy afternoon TV marathon, prescribed by Phil, watching telly of my choice – so I went for The Irishman. All 3 hours 29 minutes of it.

We also cleared out the en suite ahead of Dale and team’s arrival tomorrow to start the Bathroom Revamps. And I made my first sale on eBay – finding a new home for my old camera batteries.

In flower news, the May Blossom is out, as are the bluebells and there seem to be loads more violets this year than I remember there being last year.

May Blossom
May Blossom

And I have FOUR tomato seedlings (out of 6).

FOUR tomato seedlings....
FOUR tomato seedlings….

TV: Finished off season 4 of The Crown, more Glow, The Irishman and Line of Duty season 6 (and thank heavens for The Guardian Episode Recaps).

Podcasts: History ExtraThe History of EnglandThe Infinite Monkey Cage and The Essay.

Photos: Herefordshire week 66 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2021-04-04.