Herefordshire Week 077: Tuesday 15 – Monday 21 June 2021

Restacking the log shed. Conservatory windows replaced. Happy Summer Solstice!

I’d taken Tuesday afternoon off, and Phil and I spent the day restacking the log shed. Felt like a day-long work out, but very satisfying.

Restacking the log shed: Before
Restacking the log shed: half way through
Half Way Through
Restacking the log shed: Stacked!

Celebrated with our first crop of strawberries. Two each.

My first crop of strawberries
My first crop of strawberries

Short week at work, mainly tidying up projects before next week’s holiday at home.

Very enjoyable 3Kites 15th Birthday Party over Zoom on Wednesday segued nicely into VWW with just me and Hazel. No Family Zoom on Thursday as we’d be seeing dad and Jean for a Father’s Day lunch on Sunday. Earlier in the day Colin from Birches came to replace the blown double glazing in the conservatory, and fixed the leaks too (hopefully). Did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

Look at those lovely clear conservatory windows!
Look at those lovely clear conservatory windows!

We did have a woodpecker slam into the conservatory window on Wednesday evening mind you, so we now have one less Greater Spotted Woodpecker bombing around the grounds. A blue tit was our first casualty on the new windows, on Monday morning.

In other bird news – we’ve a jay now visiting the pear tree to scavenge fallen peanuts…


… which are largely generated by a lively family of great tits feasting on the said peanuts and at least (other) three great spotted woodpeckers.

Great Tit Family Feeding on the Peanuts
Great Tit Family Feeding on the Peanuts

Plenty of easy pickings for the mice….

Cloudy and cool Friday featured admin first thing, including kicking off the process to move from Three to 1pMobile PAYG based on MoneySavingExpert’s PAYG Guide, then into Hereford for a trip to the library and some City Centre shopping followed by a visit to General Dogsbody to reup on the peanuts for the bird (and squirrel and mouse) feeder, and a very uninspiring tour of Morrisons. Lazy afternoon lounging on the sofa watching feelgood films, then the less feelgood, COVID-19 themed Together with red wine and pizza.

The cool and cloudy theme continued on Saturday, as did general laziness first thing. Coffee and Waitrose croissants in the conservatory kickstarted the chores – washing, hoovering, mowing / grass collecting, which took up most of the day.

Sunday started off badly, with me breaking the long serving Brown Betty teapot, source of many a mug of good strong tea, and soaking / staining the carpet in my office /spare bedroom. After a spot of self-indulgent grumpiness, Phil and I walked down to the Abbey, which sorted that out, and we then got lunch ready for dad and Jean – on the menu, the first Loosemore Lettuce of the year!

First crop of Loosemore Lettuce this year!
First crop of Loosemore Lettuce this year!

After all that excitement, a late afternoon nap then telly.

Monday was another cloudy day, and inspired by The Guardian article Midsummer mystery on a walk in Herefordshire’s Twin Valleys, I set off with the Yellow Map to try out the footpaths beyond Fair Oak Farm. Things started off well, with directions from the Farm’s helpful hostess and I navigated my through the woods and meadows and over Dulas Brook and tributaries until two overly friendly (frightening) horses below Lower Maes-Coed put paid to my plan to follow the footpaths all the way to The Old Trout Inn. Instead, I backtracked to one of the many footbridges and took a footpath up through the woods and hay meadows to Tremorithic Road. A bit disappointing but I was very pleased with my “old washing up gloves and secateurs” approach to nettles and brambles during the early stages of the walk.

Back at base late lunch, a bit of reading and a nap – with a rain shower scuppering plans to recycle some of the garden railway planks into greenhouse grass smotherers. BUT I did spot pea pods and broad bean pods in the veg patch and herb bed. VERY exciting!

Pea pods!!!!

TV:  Mystery Road (started & finished season 2), Motherland (more of series 3) and reviews of Land Rover Freelander 2s on YouTube, plus an indulgent Friday afternoon watching Three Summers and Kinky Boots back to back followed by Together with Friday night pizza. Over the weekend we got stuck in to season 4 of Better Call Saul.

Podcasts: History ExtraThe Essay, The Allusionist, Great Lives, Books and Authors, The History of England (we’re in the throes of the Wars of the Roses) and You Must Remember This (Louella Parsons & Hedda Hopper).

Photos: Herefordshire week 77 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2021-06-20.