Herefordshire Week 084: Tuesday 03 – Monday 09 August 2021

Weekend washout – both literally and metaphorically. And boy did it RAIN this week.

On the brighter side: a smashing morning doing garden DIY with my dad… who was on The Telly!

I got out for a good leg stretch on Tuesday morning: Kerrys Gate – Cockyard – Duffryn.

Panorama from the Duffryn road
Golden Valley panorama from the Duffryn road

Then Work (thankfully a relatively calm week). VWW and Family Zoom.

Richard came on Friday morning. The front hedges are now looking very trim.

Phil and I headed to Simply Stunning to confirm our order and to pay the deposit. Then on for a Tour d’Hereford featuring B&Q and Wickes to pick up DIY stuff followed by an hour in the city centre for library return / collection and an unsuccessful trainer/walking shoe quest.

Spent most of Friday afternoon reading, and caught up with C(W) in the evening. All sounded good.

An uneventful week other than C(H) emailed on Wednesday to say she’d been pinged after meeting a friend on Monday and so she was isolating and her weekend visit was off 🙁

Saturday night’s substitute Wine Time Zoom didn’t survive COVID-19 either.

Spent most of Saturday morning computing. Every time I pondered heading outside for a walk the heavens opened. Got the dining hall curtains up and sorted out the maps and leaflets drawer instead, and read. Caught up with Hazel and then settled in for a double bill: Amundsen and Promising Young Woman.

We took a chance on a stroll down to the Abbey and back on Sunday morning, and lucked out both on the weather and with an invite in for coffee and biscuits with T&J. In the afternoon, turned some of last summer’s vegan brandy apple mincemeat into Easy Mincemeat Fruit Cake (baked in 2 loaf tins for 1 h 15 mins, a la Mary Berry’s variant), cleared the last of the broad beans, tidied up the vegetation around the large pond a bit, and then headed out to do the Riverdale loop. Bit more garden clearing on my return, then dinner and The Secret World of Chocolatefeaturing my dad!

Walked to Wormbridge on Monday morning to rendezvous with Dad and we spent a good few hours recycling some of the old outside railway track into a third veg bed and a long container to go in front of the conservatory. We both enjoyed the “doing”.

Veg Bed No. 3 complete
Veg Bed No. 3 complete
Dad and the completed Conservatory Coffin Container
Dad and the completed Conservatory Coffin Container

Yes, the container does look a little coffin-like. I’ve christened it The Conservatory Coffin Container.

Oh, and we collected the (s)trimmer mower from Powells – who’d also tracked down the hedge trimmer! Still undergoing assessment….

Pears, apples and wild plums all mouldy on the trees, and my lettuces looking decidedly limp. The tomato plants are loving it, but growing greenery rather than fruit.

Our resident gangs of great tits and blue tits, plus the greater spotted woodpeckers, are devouring the peanuts almost as fast as we can fill up the feeder. The small birds have got better at dining out on the seeds too. Chaffinches, robin, blackbirds (dad and juvenile) and sparrows/dunnocks tidy up the dropped nuts and seeds. No sign of the bald-headed robin for a while, unless it’s the skinny one with some tufts on its head. Maybe? Hope so.

TV: Mainly Mindhunter, a smattering of Tokyo Olympic highlights courtesy of BBC Sport’s YouTube channel, Amundsen and Promising Young Woman, The Secret World of Chocolate and Eight Grade.

Podcasts: The History of England, History Extra, The Essay and Great Lives.

Photos: Herefordshire week 84 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2021-08-08.