Herefordshire Week 122: Tuesday 26 April – Monday 02 May 2022

Still catching up. So these are pithy.

Bacton Square on Tuesday morning – down to Abbey Dore with Phil then on to Bacton for wild garlic, Kerrys Gate and home. It’s potato planting time.

Bacton Square: Planting potatoes
Bacton Square: Planting potatoes

No VWW or Family Zoom.

The Utility Room Repainting Project continues.

Friday morning – finished Flickring Pembs pics and writing last week’s weeknotes, then took old log shed roofing to the tip and called in at Dinedor for coffee and plants.

Returning home after a stroll up the lane with Phil in the late afternoon, we spotted a couple of swifts on the electricity lines. We’ve since seen them bombing around, hoovering up insects.

Spent Saturday in the garden.

Strava Map: A Morning’s Gardening
A Morning’s Gardening

I planted out some of Jean’s Dinedor plants (the rhubarb was looking a bit peaky), dug up thistles and snipped wild plum shoots out of the lawns and fixed the waterbutt downpipe, retrieving the two bits of pipe that had previously fallen into the butt. April has been so dry that I’ve used up that whole 100l, and I’ve not even done that much watering.

After lunch, mowing. Note to self – don’t try to push the Honda mower up the Quarry-Solarium slope. It rolled back and bashed me on my lower left leg. Owww. In other news, I’ve got the knack of starting the mower now.

Pizza for tea.

Rain arrived overnight, so I happily spent most of Sunday morning on admin – mainly reading through Waxwing Energy’s report and doing a blogpost and Facebook post for the LED Fundraising Weekend in May.

After lunch we headed to Dinedor / Bungalow for Phil to help dad with moving stuff and I did a food shop. We reconvened at the bungalow for tea and cake.

Bedraggled Robin
Bedraggled Robin

Monday was the Spring Bank Holiday, cloudy and cool (indoors at least), so I opted for a duvet day and sat in the lounge with the log stove on and finished reading Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith. Smashing all round.

TV:  Russian Doll (season 2 – meh), The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Severance (Apple TV – double meh).

Podcasts: History Extra, You Must Remember This.

Photos: Herefordshire week 122 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2022-05-01. <– comes with a Chuffles warning