Herefordshire Week 132: Tuesday 05 – Monday 11 July 2022

Heatwave. Packing for Ladakh.

Boris Johnson eventually resigned as Prime Minister.


Tuesday’s highlight was picking this year’s blackcurrant crop.

First blackcurrants
First blackcurrants

Not a massive haul, but the mosquito net had done its job and kept the birds (or critters) from getting to them first, which is what happened last year.

I would say “usual work week” except the Tory Party politics on Wednesday and Thursday put a different spin on things. Resignations galore until Boris Johnson finally resigned on Thursday.

Into Abergavenny on Friday morning for dentist check up (even with Bupa dental from work it’s an expensive 5min whistle stop Tour of My Mouth), last minute Ladakh prep purchases (1l water bottle and a mini power bank) plus cash and rat bait reup (the summer won’t last forever). Coffee and crumple at Bean & Bread then to The Bungalow.

We arrived just as the removal team were finishing up. The mountains of boxes took us right back to when our London stuff arrived here and how overwhelmed we both felt by the prospect of unpacking All Those Boxes, and more daunting, finding home and houseroom for everything. Dad, and a little later, Jean clearly felt the same.

Still, after 6 hours of unboxing, unwrapping and decision making we’d done the main bedroom and the kitchen, leaving the utility and the second bedroom to work on during the week. Dad and Jean spent the night with some of their lovely neighbours – a much appreciated offer of bed and breakfast away from the boxes.

Back home after a tour d’Aldi, we sat outside and relaxed with a G&T – the heatwave arrived today with avengeance – then into the conservatory until bedtime. Gorgeous evening sky and moon.

Evening sky, July - Moon
Evening sky, July – Moon

Didn’t sleep well so I wasn’t up as bright and early on Saturday as I’d hoped. Still, made it to my 9.30am rendezvous with Steffi in Llandovery for kit exchange, meds hand over and a debrief on her Alpamayo trek with Val over very nice coffee and scone / toastie at the Penygawse Tea Rooms. Then home for a late lunch and an afternoon nap before  embarking on Packing for Ladakhing …. which turned out to involve a lot of faffing. I got two things done though: I labelled all my hired kit with Paul A Young purple ribbon – lesson learned from Mera – and made my green trouser repair patches a bit more presentable. And I watched a couple of YouTube videos to refresh my memory on How to Use an Ice Axe | Explained, Winter skills 2.3: how to put on crampons.

Pizza for dinner adjourning inside to watch This Farming Life once the midges found us.

Faffy morning on Sunday. Washed the cars before R came and worked his magic, messaged Bowens about the car and then lopped more of the alpine shrub. Lunch outside with the sunshade up. SO HOT. TOO HOT.

Down to T&J’s mid-afternoon for drinks and nibbles with some of the “neighbours’ from Abbey Dore. We had a lovely time, and returned via What-Was-Wellfield for an intro to Rosie the cutest border collie pup this side of Moccas!

Busy morning Monday back at the bungalow, then to General Dogsbody for another sack of peanuts for the birds and on to the station to pick up F&I. A lovely afternoon catching up sat in the cool of the garden down by the log shed, a stroll down to the Abbey and back, then burgers, coleslaw and salad al fresco with apple crumble (using up those freezer supplies!) for pudding.

Another scorcher of a day.

TV: For All Mankind (season 2), Slow Horses (season 1), This Farming Life, Ted Lasso

Podcasts: History Extra, In Our Time, The Memory Palace, You Must Remember This

Photos: Herefordshire week 132 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2022-07-10.