Herefordshire Week 140: Tuesday 30 August – Monday 05 September 2022

The week’s – nay, the decade’s – big news is that the pink house, Wellfield, is no more.

And B is in his first flat. YAY!

AND Baby L arrived safe and sound!

Tuesday morning was a mix of Pensionwise, Picos prep and setting some strawberry runners. We (Phil) also partially patched the crack in the small pond.

Pond putty
Pond putty

Work – typical – has turned manic, the week before I’m on a course for the whole of my working week and then going on hols. VWW but no Family Zoom (thankfully – more time to Get Things Done, including ordering Euros).

On Thursday Phil dropped off the car at the garage first thing and picked it up late afternoon, and The Rattle Has Gone! Hurrah.

He also noticed that Wellfield had gone! That must have happened on Wednesday. We didn’t hear a thing.

Busy day Friday – dropped Phil off at HFD for his London / Interesting weekend, supermarket shopping, iStore appointment (iPhone is completely kaput, so I’ll have to make so with the Samsung until post-Picos), town shopping, collected train tickets, library books and Diamox prescription. Then up to B&Q for paint testers (and a quick look at kitchens….), General Dogsbody for a sack of peanuts – lucky birds – then, at last, to dad and Jean’s for tea and catch up.

Back home, late lunch then started the freezer defrosting, threw some more stuff on the Picos Packing Pile, cleared the last of the lettuces, then there was just enough time for a cup of tea before chatting with one of the ladies coming on the Naar Phu trek in Oct/Nov.

After All That, vegged out on the sofa watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Just right.

Walked down to A&As for tea and chat on Saturday morning, picked blackberries on the way back and put together a crumble with those and the Laxton Superb windfalls. Did some more admin until CW arrived 4pm-ish. We chatted in the conservatory until pizza and crumble time.

Damp on Sunday, we’d had rain overnight (not enough but better than none). But dry enough for breakfast at Gwatkins. Another excellent veggie breakfast,  “just the right size” (no need to use an extra wide lens), this time featuring the baked beans, onion, fresh tomato & mushrooms all mixed up together and plonked on the toast. BIG TICK to that. And a nice hard egg and two veggie sausages. YUM.

Gwatkins Veggie Breakfast
Gwatkins Veggie Breakfast

And C drove us back with the roof down and an occasional bust of speed. Vroooom!

Back at base, a bit of essential computer admin and then an afternoon slowly, methodically packing for London (work), Aylesbury (social) and Spain (Picos, hut to hut).

I'm sure it'll all fit in....
I’m sure it’ll all fit in….

A break for tea and toast, a few more jobs, then off to HFD to pick up Phil. Just as the rain starts again…

Up early on Monday to catch the 6.43 to London, complete with large backpack. Spent the 3 hour train journey doing more essential email admin including the all important Looking after the plants! email to P.

Oh yeah, we got a new Tory PM: Liz Truss. From the lying frying pan into the fanning the right wing flames fire.

TV: Borgen (Season 3, Netflix reboot), The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bohemian Rhapsody, Metal Lords. And some YouTube reviews of the MG ZS EV.

Audiobook: Alice Roberts reading her book Tamed: Ten Species that Changed Our World (excellent).

Podcasts: History Extra,  Books and Authors, You Must Remember ThisLingthusiasm.

Photos: Herefordshire week 140 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2022-09-04.

(Yes, catching up with the Weeknotes backlog…. It’s now Friday 07 October 2022.)