Herefordshire Week 153: Tuesday 29 November – Monday 05 December 2022

First frost, first ice. Four foggy days.

Frosty morning: Orchard sunlight
Frosty morning: Orchard sunlight

Tuesday morning: frost, fog and a female pheasant (back) at the bird feeder. Had to scrape the ice off the Panda before heading into Hereford for eye test, library books, Christmas shopping and our first coffee in Sensory + Rye’s new location – the BHF shop is transformed!

Wednesday: fog lingered, and thickened. It stayed solid through Thursday and Friday morning, slowly clearing in the afternoon.

I spent Thursday and Friday in Gilwern on an Outdoor First Aid Course run by Martin at Borderlands First Aid / Borderlands Outdoor.

Gorgeous fox in the front garden on Saturday morning. Booked 6 walks on next year’s Crickhowell Walking Festival:

  • Grwyne Fawr Reservoir and Waterfall Walk
  • A Northwest Passage
  • High Hills, Leaning Towers & Bloody Revenge
  • Bryn and Carn Pica
  • Abergavenny Twin Peaks
  • Astride the Grwyne Fawr Valley

Spotted myself in a few of the photos from last year’s walks on the CWF 2022 Galley page.

Pottered for the afternoon: repotted the Waitrose plant, wrapped some presents, lit the fire and read.

Five female pheasants paid a visit to the bird feeder, and then flew off in a flustered flurry together with two males.

On Sunday morning, we planted 190 bulbs that Phil had bought while I was in Nepal. Keep your eyes peeled for tulips and daffodils on “Kerrys Gate Corner” and along the verges in Spring.

Repotted and split two of the ferns that seem to have acquired a resident swarm of small flies. I’m still astonished by being able to create more houseplants out of existing ones.

In other plant news, the first daffodil shoots have surfaced in the metal planter by the front door.

Wrote Christmas cards, then read by the fire and flicked through kitchen brochures….

Rainy Monday morning’s highlight was a financial coaching session. I do like to plan ahead. Finished off my “Packing for the Picos” blogpost.

Over to Peterchurch in the afternoon for my flu jab, and posted the Christmas cards too. Back at base, I brought in some more wormwoody logs, did some coaching follow up and caught up with S on the phone.

TV: Snowfall (season 4), Rev (series 3), The English (we tried 1 more episode – still “nope”), Industry (series 2), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (starting season 2), Mank.

Podcasts: History Extra, The Allusionist.

Photos: Herefordshire week 153 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2022-12-04.