Herefordshire Week 175: Tuesday 02 – Monday 08 May 2023

Local Elections. The Coronation of King Charles III. Kilpeck Circular.

Kilpeck Circular: Bagwyllydiart Post Box, with Coronation Crochet
Kilpeck Circular: Bagwyllydiart Post Box, with Coronation Crochet

Weeknotes took up a couple of hours on Tuesday. Not the weeknotes themselves, but doing-weeknotes-on-my-iMac. TORTUOUS.

Thankfully it was a cool and cloudy day, and I did at least manage to get out to do the Riverdale walk. Blossom on the apple trees in the orchard.

Apple Blossom, Riverdale Orchard
Apple Blossom, Riverdale Orchard

Good news at work – the role we created to take over my KM Tech responsibilities has been filled and there’ll be an opportunity to do some knowledge transfer in the next couple of weeks.

On Thursday morning before work we headed down to Abbey Dore Village Hall to cast our votes in the local elections. Phil drove on to the gym (we’re trying to pick up where we left off in March 2020) and I walked home.

VWW and Family Zoom. Sunny enough to lunch in the conservatory on Wednesday – the cool breeze deterred us from the full al fresco experience.

Did my stretches on Friday morning watching a squirrel trying to find a way into the two peanut feeders…. in vain. And listening to the local election results coverage on Radio 4.

Another cool and overcast day. Admin at the computer listening to bangs and booms from the army camp. They’ve been busy these past few weeks.

R arrived to check on bigger garden jobs and we decided on cutting back of the bushes and trees lining the road side of the lower path. Too many cowslips, violets and bluebells in bloom for any strimming.

Leaving R to it, Phil and I went to the GV Gym for our induction refresher then on to Abergavenny for lunch at Bean & Bread, a spot of shopping and then back to Bean & Bread for coffee and cake.

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Morrisons then home. Two large piles of brash alongside the, now much lighter and clearer, lower path. Pizza and Stewart Lee for dinner.

Saturday was the Coronation of King Charles III.

I know I’m not alone in thinking until relatively recently that the Coronation would be on Monday 08 May, the extra Bank Holiday.

In a last minute change of plan, I went over to dad and Jean’s to watch the coverage on the BBC and, later in the afternoon, nipped home to pick up Phil returning for the first BBQ of the season.

Rain did not stop play.

Sunday was sunny! Good weather for doing the Kilpeck Circular with the GVWC finishing up with a pint of bitter shandy in the gardens of The Kilpeck Inn.


Strava Map & Graph: Kilpeck Circular
Strava Map & Graph: Kilpeck Circular

Looking at that map, it’s more accurately the Kilpeck Figure of Eight: Kilpeck – Bagwyllydiart – Garway Hill – Kentchurch – Bagwyllydiart – Kilpeck.

Distance: 11.71 miles
Time: 4h 32m
Elevation Gain: 1,705 ft

Back at base, Phil and I sat out on the patio reading. Felt like the first time we’d done that this year.

Rain returned for the Bank Holiday. Tea and cake with A in the morning, lunch in the conservatory then an afternoon reading on the corner sofa, snug under a duvet.

In the garden, the climbing clematis has started to flower.

Retirement Days Tracker: 4 working days to go (that’s 2 working weeks, with 1 day off).

TV: Barry (season 3, started season 4), Stewart Lee: Snowflake, Succession.

Podcasts: History Extra.

Photos: Herefordshire week 175 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2023-05-07.