Antibes: Photos & Notes

A long weekend in Antibes, using up our BA flight vouchers from our COVID-Cancelled Picos 2020 trip.

Good weather, good company, good food & wine, good walking.

Around the Cap d'Antibes: Antibes from Plage de la Salis
Around the Cap d’Antibes: Antibes from Plage de la Salis

Photos & Notes extracted from weeknotes 176 and 177.

Photos are in my Antibes, May 2023 Flickr album.

Thursday started bright and early in Herefordshire with a 04.45 alarm to allow plenty of time for driving, parking and checking train tickets / permitted route – again – at Hereford station.

Before we left, we watched a hare that had come to a standstill at our gate, watching us in return.

05.50 au revoir Abbey Dore … 09.30 bonjour Paddington!

P headed off towards Liverpool Street and I followed to drop off work stuff once I’d rendezvoused with Steffi. We had time for a quick coffee then it was back west on the Elizabeth Line all the way to LHR T5 and our rendezvous with H.

Sped through checkin, DIY bag drop and security – with a good hour to spare until our gate would be revealed, we went to Giraffe for lunch including a Start The Holiday glass of wine / beer.

Good flight to Nice, a long wait to get through passport control, collected bags, caught the tram to T2 where the 82 Zou! service to Antibes was waiting, with a reassuring small queue.

Speedy coach journey to Pôle d’échanges d’Antibes and eventually onto the No 6 to Aloès once we’d located the bus stop (Picard not Pôle).

Baguettes from the wonderful JR Boulangerie Pâtisserie then up the hill and into Carrefour just before it closed to buy essential supplies – aka wine, cheese, butter, pâté, toms and salad. Settled in to the flat and feasted in the lounge.

Friday was a cloudy day and a weird mix of humid and cold once the wind got up.

We walked into Antibes centre ville and explored the old town, picking up some tasty treats at the Marché Provençal and lucking out at La Gravette down near the port where we had a great lunch.

Lunch at La Gravette, Antibes
Lunch at La Gravette, Antibes

In the afternoon we pottered up the promenade past the Musée Picasso and towards the huge black clouds that hung over the Cap d’Antibes. As we neared the Archaeological Museum the rain drops began to fall….


So it was back to base via the Casino supermarket (disappointing), the JR Boulangerie (two types of baguette!) and the (better than Casino) Carrefour. Time for a pot of tea and a nap.

Dinner featured some of the day’s purchases: bread, cheese, salad and celeri remoulade, with an aperitif of wine accompanied by crisps and tasty mixed chilli olives.

Lots of weird dreams. Big thunderstorm overnight.

Saturday = more walking: Antibes Fort and Port (9 miles, 336 ft elevation gain) in the morning and early afternoon and back into town for cocktails and Thai in the evening.

A sunny day, but we’d been caught out yesterday so we set out with long trousers and warm tops in our bags, and so naturally it was a sweltering hot day. This is more like it!

Breakfast at JR then down into town turning east to Port Vauban and on to the Fort Carré, glad of the breeze coming across the bay from Nice. Lots of flowers. And runners.

Antibes: Fort Carré
Antibes: Fort Carré

We retraced our steps to the port and oggled the yachts in the harbour ….

Antibes: Fort Carré from the Old Port
Antibes: Fort Carré from the Old Port

…. and the superyachts anchored out in the bay.

Antibes: Superyachts in the bay
Antibes: Superyachts in the bay

After a coffee from the Nomad cafe kiosk we continued on to the far end of the quai to pressed our noses between the railings sealing off Quais des Milliardaires – aka Billionaires Quay.

Antibes: Superyacht moored in the Port
Antibes: Superyacht moored in the Port

Another successful lunch stop, this time at Falafel sitting outside under a parasol. Refreshed, we continued on along the prom back towards the Archaeological Museum – lots of gorgeous cactus and other flowers in the newly planted desert gardens en route – and beyond to the next bay and a pair of plages, Plage du Ponteil and Plage de la Salis.

Antibes: spot the difference
Antibes: spot the difference
Antibes: Desert Flower Garden
Antibes: Desert Flower Garden

More people out and about today; a mix of locals and visitors. Sat on a bench looking out at the super yachts too big to anchor in harbour, we decided we would walk back for tea and cakes from JR…. and the pâtisserie did not disappoint.

Afternoon tea, Antibes
Afternoon tea, Antibes

Sat out on the terrace, the day was still still scorching hot. Early evening we wandered down into the old town for mojitos in the Place des Martyrs de la Résistance ….

Mojitos in Antibes
Mojitos in Antibes

….followed by excellent Thai at Ban Kai Jaa

Antibes: excellent Thai at Ban Kai Jaa
Antibes: excellent Thai at Ban Kai Jaa

We went into town again on Sunday morning for more shopping and eating: cheese from the Fromagerie, Socca and saucisson from the Marche Provençal, local beers at BeerShop06, a mezze lunch feast from Falafel.

Antibes: Sunday Stroll - Lunch from Falafel
Antibes: Sunday Stroll – Lunch from Falafel

Back to the flat for tea, then a bit of a snooze. Only 4 ½ miles walking today.

Started to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the meals and drinks. Still, managed glass of wine and some crisps as an aperitif before a dinner of – you guessed it – baguette, cheese, salad and olives.

Not so sunny today which was probably a good thing – I had rosy arms and a rosy face after Saturday’s sun.

Monday was our last full day. Breakfast on the terrasse, then boots on to walk to and around the Cap d’Antibes and back – all in glorious sunshine with a welcome occasional breeze. Almost 13 miles.

Around the Cap d'Antibes: Looking back towards Antibes
Around the Cap d’Antibes: Looking back towards Antibes

Lots of lovely flowers.

Around the Cap d'Antibes: Cactus in bloom
Around the Cap d’Antibes: Cactus in bloom
Around the Cap d'Antibes on the Sentier littoral: Bird of Paradise flowers
Around the Cap d’Antibes on the Sentier littoral: Bird of Paradise flowers

Tea on the terrasse, checked in for the flight back and worked out IOUs.

S’s friend C came for the evening. We dined on “bits” in theory to tidy up the leftovers but instead generating some more. Not a problem….

7am alarm Tuesday for our last morning in Antibes. Washing, recycling, quick trip to the Boulangerie for mini gateaux, baguette, croque monsieur, quiche and croissants aux amandes et chocolat for breakfast.

Bus No 6 then the 82 to Nice Airport, all ahead of schedule. Caught up with work emails once we were through security etc.

Good flight – lots of legroom and a sandwich lunch on the BA flight to London City Airport.

Sunny in Antibes, sunny in London.

Farewell to Steffi then DLR to Bank, farewell to Hazel and into work for my last week….