Herefordshire Week 227: Tuesday 30 April – Monday 6 May 2024

More rain.

Is it really May already?

And then – at last – some sun, a birthday party and an impromptu trip to Essex.

Still feeling my Skomer strained thigh muscle on Tuesday, so started off PT Block 3 with upper body. Back home for weeknotes. Picked up Phil from Abergavenny early afternoon. Good to have him home. Over to Talgarth early evening for Talgarth Walking Festival Leader Briefing, and a glass of white wine. Wine not often in demand at Talgarth FC Club House….. no red at all. Heavy rain.

First of May on Wednesday. At least it didn’t rain all day. Gym in the morning; computed for most of the rest of the day, even though it was dry. Got sucked into the Saturday Walkers Club website and the walk maps and descriptions …. In the evening, LED Board Meeting Zoom followed by VWW and Scotland Planning.

The rain returned on Thursday morning, lifting to sit over the hills as low cloud, clammy and close. After the gym (for cardio and LBT) and lunch I got stuck into flickring Skomer photos, with a woefully slow internet. Lovely Phil from P&P Pest Control came round early afternoon to advise on getting rid of rats. Mid afternoon I had a catch up with Tom en route to A&As. Back home to make dinner – introduced Phil to the delights of leeks, butterbeans and creme fraiche.

Just look at my leeks!
Just look at my leeks!

Friday = another wet day. Gym, fungus gnat spraying, lunch (fresh bread by Phil), Hereford, Timothy & Birch for coffee and cake (another yum). Home to computer. Pizza for dinner.

Saturday, what is this blue sky I see? To Ewyas Harold to get the loppers, shears and 5 pairs of secateurs sharpened at the Golden Valley Repair Cafe (so many skills available there!) then GVWC recce with J from the Gym, with the mandatory testing of the ice cream options at Rowlestone Ice Cream Farm. Yum yum.

Strava Map & Stats: Return to Rowlestone
Strava Map & Stats: Return to Rowlestone

All under beautiful blue skies. But the recent rain had saturated all the fields again, and there’s a lot of tall meadow grass on that route. Wet and muddy. Wellies were a good move, but my thigh / hip muscle didn’t like the 6 miles… and that convinced me to back out of trying the 14 miles and 11 miles on Sunday and Monday in the Talgarth Walking Festival. Gutted.

Home for a late lunch, a bit of R&R then back to EH for B’s 90th Birthday Party Buffet. A really lovely evening!

Another beautiful sunny day on Sunday. Coffee and pain au raisin out on the patio then a bit of gardening – digging up the weedkillered carroty things in Nora’s Rose Garden – then over to WTM. Good to have time with SG, and very grateful to be able to see T in WIV.

A tour of Leeway (so exciting!) then back to WTM on Monday.

The garden is lush and green. Cow parsley and stichwort line the lanes – it’s the month of white wild flowers and green, green grass, hedges and trees.

Orchid count:

  • Front lawn = 76!
  • Orchard = 1 (phew!)

TV: Shōgun (finished), Shardlake (started; that’s a very Disney monastery! And what’s up with Barak’s 21st century hairstyle???), The Andromeda Strain (1971 is over 50 years ago… and the plot and pacing were vastly different).

Podcasts: Americast, Gone Mediaeval, The Today Podcast, A History of Rock in 500 Songs.

Photos: Herefordshire week 227 on Flickr.

Phil: Pause.