Herefordshire Week 230: Tuesday 21 – Monday 27 May 2024

Catching up back home. Office Panelling Project.

Oh, and A General Election Is Announced.

The "40": Pre-prune (right) and Post-partial prune (left)
The “40”: Pre-prune (right) and Post-partial prune (left)

Started slowly settling back into the Forty Acres Life on Tuesday: gym for PT (and update on All The Changes), back home to check in on Project Panelling and to do some garden jobs – tying up the everlasting sweet pea by the wild plum tree, moving the houseplants back outdoors for easier spraying, tying up the wild rose by the yew by the big pond. Spotted that the sweet peas I planted out in the hedge in the orchard last year are thriving.

Mange Touts loving the rain!
Mange Touts loving the rain!

Drove to Ewyas for Gym Ladies May Birthdays Lunch at The Temple – lovely. Back home to rake up the last of the mown grass and to collect sticky burr string, and snipped some brambles and took them to the quarry for drying out and bonfiring at some future date.

Back to the gym on Wednesday for Aerobics and Calisthenics, whiling away the (new) hour and a quarter in between doing admin in the cafe. Speedy turn around back at base then into Hereford to collect replacement specs for the pair I left on Skomer (but which have since been posted back to me….) and to try to return library books…. Back home I pottered in the orchard weeding the veg patch, planted up the cucumbers, semi-tidied in the greenhouse.

Cucumbers planted into pots
Cucumbers planted into pots

Early evening, Jack T came to collect the Honda mower, strimmer mower and chainsaw to see if he could get them working again.

And Rishi Sunak announced the date of the General Election.

Drove the Panda to EH on Thursday morning for RW to take a look at the worrying rhythmic rattle. Helpful MH picked me up – for which I was v thankful as the top muscles in my right leg are really not happy after all the recent sitting and driving on top of the oh-so-stupid Skomer swivel. Spent the rest of the morning in the garden, picking All The Leeks and planting beetroot and onions in their place, and doing more tidying in the greenhouse.

Veg Patch and Herb Bed - Clear of All The Leeks
Veg Patch and Herb Bed – Clear of All The Leeks

Waved off MH early afternoon then did some more indoor tidying and washed and chopped up All The Leeks.


Walked to EH to pick up the Panda – and oh joy, the rattle is gone! Turns out it was the front anti roll bar links, don’t you know. Short stop off at Ivy Cottage then back home to meet up with Jack T who’d managed to mend all three things. A good day’s work!

Mega clean on Friday morning ahead of guests on Sunday, including putting my office back together and sorting out the main bathroom and spare bedroom. Lunch, then walked to Kerrys Gate for afternoon prosecco. Lovely.

Hatterrall Ridge from Kerrys Gate
Hatterrall Ridge from Kerrys Gate

Did more house sorting / tidying on Saturday and made a start on pruning the “40”.

Gorgeous sunny day. My post-lunch snooze turned into a two hour sleep on the conservatory sofa. Lovely stroll down to TJL’s, less lovely to discover the kitchen freezer defrosting on my return….

Sunshine and (heavy) showers on Sunday made it a good day to catch up on Computer Admin: finished flickring photos from Essex and Scotland, finalised weeknotes 228 and 229 and prepped (these) weeknotes 230.

J, M & F arrived early evening bringing good conversation and company – a lovely evening catching up over a leisurely meal in the conservatory.

Similarly lovely morning Monday, waving them off northwards around 11am. Checked the kitchen freezer – still not freezing, so I squeezed the remaining contents into the outside freezer.

After a couple of hours reading, lunching and snoozing, the “I should be doing something” feeling got the better of me and I embarked upon Damson Jam making to use up the two frozen tubs of damsons retrieved from the outside freezer. Not my most successful jam making ever – a badly burned bottom of the big aluminium pan mean that I’ve labelled the 7 ½ jars “Burned Damson Jam – May 2024”.

Damson Jam - I burned the bottom of the pan…..
Damson Jam – I burned the bottom of the pan…..

Baby cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Baby Cucumbers

My birthday rhododendron is going great guns in its new location, producing beautiful magenta flowers.

Birthday rhododendron in bloom
Birthday rhododendron in bloom

The grass has grown an inch every time I look at it…

TV: Shardlake (finished series 1), Doctor Who, About Time, Secrets of the Neanderthals, The Murder of Jill Dando.

Podcasts: Gone Mediaeval, The Essay, The Today Podcast, Americast, When It Hits the Fan.

Photos: Herefordshire week 230 on Flickr.

Phil: Pause continued.