Herefordshire Week 232: Tuesday 4 – Monday 10 June 2024

Beacons Way Day 5. Annual Birthdays Party BBQ. Golden Valley Vintage and Country Fair.

Beacons Way Day 5: Libanus to Craig y Nos - Craig Cerrig Gleisiad Panorama
Beacons Way Day 5: Libanus to Craig y Nos – Craig Cerrig Gleisiad Panorama

Tuesday was Beacons Way Day 5: Libanus to Craig y Nos, with Sonia and Sara. A very wet and windy day.

Easy to return to the official route from the Brecon Beacons YHA at Libanus – cross the A470, follow the path from the layby up towards Craig Cerrig Gleisiad, turning left onto a clear footpath that takes you up onto the top of the cliffs.

Up on the open moorland of the Western Beacons we mislaid the trail a few times, and walked in the clouds which brought wind and rain. And so we got wet. Sopping Wet.

Beacons Way Day 5: Libanus to Craig y Nos
Beacons Way Day 5: Libanus to Craig y Nos

Rounded off a very wet day’s walking with pots of tea at the nice cafe in Craig y Nos Country Park then caught the T6 back to Brecon.

Back at home, a deer settled down by the flagpole, enjoying the summer evening calm.

Resting deer
Resting deer

Aerobics and callisthenics were hard going at the gym on Wednesday – no juice. Home for party prep, getting the tables and chairs out of the shed and washing them down, corralling all the necessary cutlery, plates, glasses etc. Dad came over to drop off more stuff. TJB arrived 11pm-ish.

The deer strolled across the end of the front lawn as Phil and I were enjoying coffee in the conservatory on Thursday morning – calm before the party chaos. A lovely day though – so good to have so many familiar faces here, and enjoying another sunny day together complete with a mammoth BBQ and plenty of puddings.

Waved off the last of the revellers around 7.30pm, then relaxed in the conservatory. Just enough room for a cheese and biscuit for supper, bats flying around outside.

Slow start on Friday. Our Breakfast at Gwatkins plan was foiled by the restaurant being closed ahead of Saturday’s Vintage and Country Fair, so we introduced Tom and Jo to the delights of Timothy & Birch. Home to find J from Morgan & Cuss arriving to take a look at why the pump is making a whirring noise, and to fix the drip.

Waved off T&J, then spent a cool and cloudy afternoon catching up on admin, and trying to work out how to do the final three days of The Beacons Way given the dearth of accommodation, food and transport serving the places at the ends of days 6 (Craig y Nos to Llanddeusant) and 7 (Llandeusant to Carreg Cennen Castle).

Slow start to Saturday, sat out on the patio in my PJs reading the LRB. Grey marshmallow clouds covering up the early blue skies. Picked the greenhouse strawberries and inspected the apples, cucumbers and walnuts in progress.

Lunchtime we drove over to Gwatkins to join the throngs at the Golden Valley Vintage and Country Fair.

Tug of War
Tug of War

Hauled some weed out of the big pond when I got home.

Breakfast out on the patio started off Sunday but as the sun gave way to cloud it was time to crack on with some “jobs”: washed the cars (both of them), planted up two of my tomato plants into big containers in the greenhouse, planted out the rest of Jean’s beetroot seedlings, added more twine to the extra long canes I’d set up over the mange touts last week. And a lazy second half of the afternoon on the sofa, under the duvet, watching telly.

Pizza for dinner!

Friday Night Pizzaaaaaaa….
Friday Night Pizzaaaaaaa….

Phil and I did the Bacton Square on Monday morning, getting home just before the heavens opened. Sporadic showers all afternoon but I managed to weed around the rhododendron slope, excavating the baby yews and a baby holly. Then settled in the lounge reading before tea and telly, watching the last three episodes of Snowfall – sooooo good.

Apples and walnuts forming on the trees around the garden. The occasional hornet.

TV: Snowfall, Black Ops, Doctor Who, Champion.

Podcasts: Gone Mediaeval, The Today Podcast, Americast, When It Hits the Fan, History Extra

Audiobook: The Angel’s Mark – S. W. Perry

Photos: Herefordshire week 232 on Flickr.

Phil: still paused.