Burning Man Memorabilia

aka the Carson City Lock Up Kit List compiled after Burning Man 2002 (that blog’s bust, and I don’t know how to fix it – keeps telling me permissions denied in rusty red letters….)

BLUE LID 1 – kitchen
3 bottle openers
7 knives
7 forks
3 spoons
3 wooden spoons
frying pan
9 plates
washing up liquid
tupperware pot
scrubbing brush
coffee pot
chopping board
4-pint water bottle
2 crisp bag top clips
3 litres vodka
1 litre tanqueray gin
1 litre jack daniel’s
1 silver dish

RED LID 1 – camping misc
5 blue ground sheets
2 plastic drop cloths
2 flags
3 pairs heavy duty gloves
2 pairs mid duty gloves
1 pair warm gloves
light bulbs
4 goggles
11 dust masks
4 clamps
3 polar shield emergency blankets
lots of tape
glitter spray/gel
brown and red spray paint
light stick
2 poor sprays
gold tape
ski goggles
permanent markers
emergency poncho
4 steel 9 inch pegs

RED LID 2 – electrics & misc
3 5-gangs
tons of fairy lights
5 power extentions
bike inner tube
hookup speaker wire
fairy light blinker
phono splitter
male-male stereo miniplug lead
2 small clamps
2 outside bare lights
3 night lights with handles & hooks
1 really long extension cable
spare fairy bulbs
cable ties
baling wire
9 pocket kleenex
eye drops (2004)
burn relief spray
cards & dice
suntan lotion
4 novels, low quality
1 idler, summer 2002 issue
2 frisbees
4 9v sguare batteries
4 C batteries
13 AAA batteries

BLUE COOLER 1 – food
ziploc bags
freezer bags (no zips)
black bin bags
gatorade mix, orange
gatorade mix, fruit punch
angostura bitters
lea & perrin’s original worcestershire sauce
popping corn
brown sugar
english tea bags
camomile tea bags
lime cordial
1 litre pimm’s
4 tins tuna
1 bag Peet’s french roast ground coffee
1 bag raisins
4 toilet rolls

2 parachutes
2 good sprays
2 small speakers
2 Virgin blankets

2 x 28 qt coolers
2 x 36
1 x 100
4 speakers in the coolers

3 roll mats
1 glitterball in blanket
1 large lamp
1 small pink chair
2 deckchairs
2 hard folding chairs
4 camp chairs
1 5-gal water cooler
2-bulb black light
2 long lamp poles
4 large pieces of white card
2 bikes
2 blankets
1 megaphone plus 2 sets batteries
1 spare tatty yoz hat

pvc poles, hubs and rebar

clothes pegs
crockery drainer
hanging shelves/organiser
adjustable spanner
kitchen knives
strong bin bags
shower water
AA batteries
music tapes

ziploc bags
loo rolls
washing up liquid
weak bin bags

Carson lockup has landfill/recycling one mile away

Lazy am, manic pm

Lovely lazy a.m. with Phil, chez Phil, before going our sep ways around 1pm…. me on the 38 to Angel; Phil to the oher side of Hackney Road, heading for timber merchants in Stoke Newington.

I purchased cable ties for Burning Man in a shop off Chapel Market, then walked along Upper Street to Highbury & Islington tube, heading north on the Victoria line 1 stop to Finsbury Park and straight onto a W3 to fire station stop which splits Park Avenue North and South.

T was at home alone when I knockled on the door and feeling sorry for himself – “got a cold”. JBR returned from a manic birthday party soon after and it was straight into aunty mode until persuading them to bed – with a volcano story for Barney.

Had relaxed dinner regaling tom and jo with tales of Burning Man. Quite strange given that Tom went last year – we had very different experiences!! But then again (smug), I’m better handling the heat than he is. Heard about thier garden revamp plans and looked at the drawings. It’ll be fabulous.

Off to Suffolk tomorrow for Sunday lunch with Jo’s aunt and uncle (?maybe of the Albutt variety) Penny and Alex. I really enjoy spending time with TJBR, but it is exhausting.

Burning Man 2002

My holiday snaps are up in my photobook!

Busy captioning them in spare moments at work.

09 February 2014: Photos now found on Flickr, Burning Man 2002.

As far as I can recall, this is what we did:

24 – 25 August 2002: preparations in San Francisco
26 August 2002: driving from San Francisco to Reno via the BMCCC Carson City lock up
27 August 2002: driving from Reno to Black Rock City for Burning Man 2002: The Floating World
27 August – 02 September 2002: Burning Man 2002: The Floating World
03 – 05 September 2002: Lake Tahoe
06 September 2002: San Francisco
07 September 2002: Santa Clara / Sunnyvale

(Another collection recreated following Fotopic’s demise)