A lazy week in Herefordshire

Other than lounging around in deckchairs on the patio, reading, and snuggling under the duvet watching Firefly, Phil and I didn’t do very much in our week at the cottage. Which is just what we wanted.

That said, we did venture out to Hay-on-Wye returning with another wonderful haul of second-hand books, (and still wondering just how The Granary manages to take 15 minutes to serve a couple of rounds of coffee and cakes … ). We also made it into Hereford for an afternoon before heading over to dad and Jean’s and off to Malvern to watch Daisy Miller at the Malvern Theatres. Excellent venue, not-so-good play. Foodwise, dad and Jean introduced us to the delights of Cafe Zam Zam indian in Malvern, and the fantastic Peterchurch Bistro (?) where we celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with lots of delicious food and New Zealand chardonnay.

I made chutney too, *loads*. The limited edition Forty Acres range joins the hot off the hob Blanfred Little Plum range, and comes in three varieties:
– apple (it’s a bit like Branston pickle, with fewer crunchy bits)
– spicey apple
– apple and red pepper