Peru Prep

As end of term approaches, I’ve been making my final preparations for Peru – I’ve got money from M&S, travel insurance from Campbell Irvine, trekking poles and pillow from Hazel and puzzles galore from Catherine. And the bank has made a note of the dates I’ll be in Peru, so hopefully no problems with using the ATMs – unlike last year.

Back to the website to keep an eye on the weather – although their offering for Peru is somewhat limited, with data for Lima and Huaraz only in terms of where I’ll be. Still, better than nothing. Huaraz is looking a little damp though….

Kit has been gradually accumulating on the spare bed, but I’m going to have to be ruthless in my packing given that I’ve got mountaineering boots and a harness to take on top of my usual kit. I’ve been meaning to keep a log of what I actually take and what I actually use for a few trips now…. this might be the time! At least we have a day back in Huaraz between the trek and the climb, which allows for some laundry.

Next job: working out when to set the alarm for so that I can do online check in….

But first – a cup of tea and Glastonbury on the TV.

Update – 29 June 2014: Peru trek kit, photographed and packed.


Peru trip kit piled up on the bed and ready to pack...


All packed.... just!