Herefordshire Week 210: Tuesday 02 – Monday 08 January 2024

Floods. Walks. Delayed Christmas Dinner.

Flooded down in the hollow
Flooded down in the hollow

To the gym Tuesday morning after a night of heavy rain, still going, the water was streaming off the fields and onto the roads. I took the A465 route there, and braved Ewyas Harold and Abbey Dore on the return route, continuing towards Bacton to scavenge the green dustbin from the hedgerow that’s been there for years. It’ll be handy in the garden. Everywhere underwater. And the rain is still going….

Double rainbow.

Afternoon on the sofa, reading with the log stove going. Cosy. Lots of flood alerts and photos of flooded roads, including The Usual Suspects down in Abbey Dore, on the road to Wormbridge and in Ewyas Harold.

Flood Map from - as at 10.30pm on 02 January 2024
Flood Map from – as at 10.30pm on 02 January 2024

Decided to brave the roads to go to the gym on Wednesday. All fine. Although there’s still the odd spot of rain. Returned to find the hedges were being cut. I always expect that to happen earlier, as in autumn. Changed our June Walton caravan booking to an Arun, on the offchance we might have people to stay. First VWW of the year in the evening.

Thursday morning,  gym class first thing then home for a quick change and straight back to Ewyas (courtesy of Phil) to recce the route for Saturday’s GVWC walk. Muddy. Very Muddy. But there were cute pigs and piglets in the field by Dore Abbey.

GVWC Route Recce: Piggies and piglets! Abbey Dore
GVWC Route Recce: Piggies and piglets! Abbey Dore

JP came for dinner. Lovely.

Aerobics and stretch on Friday. Hydrogen Peroxide arrived, so I gathered the pot plants, sprayed them and washed the outside of their pots and dish washer-ed the outside pots. Mission to eliminate the fungus gnats….. so of course I saw one as I was returning the plants to their usual positions.

A speedy trip to Lock’s Garage and back for Phil to buy me my Christmas Wellies ahead of Saturday’s walk. Then pottered for the rest of the afternoon.

I’m always a bit anxious in the run up to leading a GVWC walk, but Saturday’s Ewyas Harold – Dulas – Abbey Dore Loop went well. Still muddy but lovely and sunny.

Strava Map: GVWC Ewyas Harold - Dulas - Abbey Dore Loop
Strava Map: GVWC Ewyas Harold – Dulas – Abbey Dore Loop

T & L called by in the afternoon, and in the evening Phil and I had our postponed Christmas Dinner / New Year’s Eve Feast. Yum.

Delayed Christmas Dinner and NYE Feast!
Delayed Christmas Dinner and NYE Feast!

Relaxing Sunday starting off with Bacton Backwards, garden jobs (Phil: clearing pond leaves; me: clearing hedge cutting debris from Orchard) and sorting out trains and hotels for our March London trip. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Admin Monday morning. Then into Hereford to collect our first guest of the year – MD all the way from Nomaglio. We did a quick tour of Hereford including lunch in Rocket in Church Street, a tour of the Cathedral and mandatory pilgrimages to M&S Food Hall, Neil Powell and Waitrose.

SO COLD. We got the log stove going once we were home and caught up over tea and cake + crumpets, then a beer and crisps before finishing up with Christmas dinner leftovers. A lovely evening.

The three wise sheep left Kiln Field. Lots more sheep arrived to take their place.

And the long tailed tits are back at the bird feeders!!!!

TV: Reservation Dogs (seasons 1 & 2. Lovely), Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster.

Podcasts: Shedunnit, Empire, History Extra, You Must Remember This, Anglo-Saxon England.

Photos: Herefordshire week 210 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2024-01-07.