Herefordshire Week 211: Tuesday 09 – Monday 15 January 2024

Brrrrrrrrr – it’s cold!!

MD comes to stay. Rach & Jon call in. Drinks with TJL. Dad and Jean come for Sunday lunch. A social whirl!

Started PT and did a lot of walking: 30.2 miles, 4540 ft elevation gain according to Strava.

Looking back down the Dragon's Back and over towards Pen y Fan
Looking back down the Dragon’s Back and over towards Pen y Fan

I had my first PT session at the GV gym on Tuesday morning. So far so good. Then caught up with email and weeknotes in the GV cafe whiling away an hour and a half before my follow up physio appointment at Ewyas Harold Surgery. I am going to get my right hip properly sorted in 2024. It’s lazy right glutes and over worked compensating muscles….

Tea and crumpet in the sunny conservatory, then out into the sunshine (and cold wind) to walk down to Dore Abbey and back via Thistly Field. Lovely. Tea and cake back at base.

Down to Dore Abbey and back via Thistly Field
Down to Dore Abbey and back via Thistly Field

I’d not booked onto my usual Wednesday morning classes to allow us a whole day to get out for a good walk. Still too cold up in the Black Mountains so we opted for more walking around the lanes, to Bacton and then a new bit of footpaths to take us up to Tremorithic, showing MD more of the sights and working up a good appetite for a late lunch back at base. We didn’t quite get the new route right but we know better for next time.

Strava Map & Stats: Tremorithic Footpaths - New Route via Bacton
Strava Map & Stats: Tremorithic Footpaths – New Route via Bacton

A snooze on the sofa as sun set, then beers and crisps segueing into dinner in front of the telly introducing MD to the delights of Dectectorists.

To the gym on Thursday morning for LBT and my second PT session. Speedy shower back home then we headed out to walk to The Temple Bar Inn for a leisurely late pub lunch, washed down with a couple of pints, then back home via the Deer Field. Not as muddy as last Saturday’s GVWC experience.

Pub lunch
Pub lunch

Friday started with another visit to the gym then back to find Phil and MD playing the inaugural hand of Panda Top Trumps – my custom made Christmas present to Phil. Fiat Panda, not Panda Panda. Phil dropped off MD at Hereford train station for his onward journey and shortly after Phil got home R&J arrived for a late lunch en route to Pantygelli for a walking weekend with their club. Lovely.

Ticked off three garden jobs on Saturday morning: on the slope down from Mower Turn I cut down the leggy whatever-it-is tree that had broken the main supporting branch off the same breed of tree (a more mature version) closer to the path and taken out all the lower branches as it fell; bonfired; and, with Phil’s help, redid the compost bin base in an attempt to make it rat proof.

Third time lucky....
Third time lucky….

To be fair, Phil did almost all the work on this last one as it entailed digging out the compost-in-progress from the bin, wheelbarrowing that to its new home (the green bin I scavenged a week or so ago), collecting four paving slabs from the quarry and laying them on the cleared site. I set up the now-empty compost bin, and then Phil returned some of the compost-in-progress – and its worms – to the bin as starter culture.

And then he turned the grass cuttings and leaves that comprise compost corner.

Relaxing afternoon reading on the sofa, then down to TJLs for an evening drink and crisps. We walked back serenaded by tawny owls.

After a slow start to Sunday morning Phil and I headed out and walked Cockyard Anticlockwise. The light cloud gradually cleared and we arrived home under blue skies, lovely and warm!

Cockyard Anticlockwise: A line of sheep and Hatterrall Ridge
Cockyard Anticlockwise: A line of sheep and Hatterrall Ridge

Dad and Jean came for Sunday lunch. They arrived under beautiful blues skies and we had a lovely stroll around the garden looking at the snowdrops. The rain had set in by the time they left. FaceTime with S&S in the early evening, then cheese and biscuits watching EV reviews on YouTube.

I drove over to Pengenfford A479 on Monday morning to rendezvous with Sonia and Sara for a magic walk out in the Brecon Beacons. We headed up the Dragon’s Back via Castell Dinas, along to Waun Fach (811m), down to Pen Trumau and back down the valley to Pengenfford. 7 ½ miles, 19586 steps, 173 flights, 2156 ft elevation gain.

Strava Map & Stats: Dragon's Back & Waun Fach from Pengenfford
Strava Map & Stats: Dragon’s Back & Waun Fach from Pengenfford

A gorgeous sunny day – beautiful under blue skies, but a bitter wind.

Welsh rarebit and a big pot of tea in Crickhowell afterwards.

Welsh Rarebit and a large pot of tea at Latte Da, Crickhowell
Welsh Rarebit and a large pot of tea at Latte Da, Crickhowell

Ah, this is why I stopped working!

Back home via Waitrose.

TV: Reservation Dogs (season 3. Very different and still lovely), Detectorists (series 1, introducing MD to the delights of), Ghosts (series 1, introducing MD to the delights of) and lots of YouTube video reviews of EVs.

Podcasts: Shedunnit, History Extra, You Must Remember This, The Rest is Entertainment, The History of England.

Photos: Herefordshire week 211 on Flickr.

Phil: w/e 2024-01-14.