CD Labelling

The CD labelling software I got with the CD Stomper kit from PC World doesn’t work on Windows Me (home) or Windows 2000 (work), so I decided to do a quick google for software today, and found Dataland Software’s CD Label Designer. Looking pretty good so far!

Update – 11 September

Well, it was all looking good until I tried to print out my design, when I discovered their clever trick of overprinting the insert etc with “Unregistered” or the like. Hey ho, back to getting my PC up and running at home so that I can use the M$ CD insert template.

Diary – Friday 16 August 2002

I must remember that the reason I don’t wear strappy sandals very often is that a) they give me blisters, and b) I can’t walk in them, I can only totter (and that isn’t really me).

Finally made it into work just before 9, and that was having taken not only the W&C line, but the Travellator at Bank too. Discovered that there is a London Underground job invovling collecting commuters copies of Metro when they reach the top of the ride.

Tom had taken upon himself to rejig the Sparkly structure for me last night, based on the flimiest repetitititious instructions from me, as I discovered when I checked me mail this morning…. 2 from him, the first titled “oops” , the second, more worryingly “BOLLOCKS”, which contained the simple comment

“i’ve broken it badly




Heart in mouth, with visions of all my lovely prose set adrift on the seas of the superhighway (i *know* that doesn’t work but I’m at work and I’ve got meeting notes to write up – yawn), I checked….. to discover my lovely new home page, complete with links to blog and burning man as requested!!! plus a few tomski extras like links to B&R’s sites. Yaaay! Am not really exicted and longing to have a play with the black and purple (which I fear may not last bro….) Must…..Resist……

…for a millisecond until i check mail again (all on / via yahoo, i don’t take personal mail at my work address – one of the lessons learned early in a peripatetic career!) and see Stef’s mail about Danny’s inventory of stuff for/from burning man. So i’ve just posted the link to the BM blog. urk.

Diary – Thursday 15 August 2002

Fun, wine fuelled evening with les filles des mois Verts, aka Ann and Emma, in Richmond. Two nights of pizza on the trot wouldn’t be my idea of dream cuisine, but given the quality of Strada last night and La Trattoria this evening, things could be worse.

Highlight was Ann’s pledge to give John his marching orders if they weren’t engaged-to-be-married by the time she turns 30 – photographic proof of that pledge was obtained. You probably won’t be able to read it though – we were all a tad tipsy.

Drunkenly called H on the way home to suggest we might need some cooling containers for our Calais run on Saturday, particularly if our purchases include cheese and butter and yoghurt staples. That proved to be a temptation too far for fate (and H’s MGBGT)

Foreign Character Keyboards II

I did another search on our quest for personnel’s international characters, and found a site dedicated to International Accents and Diacriticals, featuring:

“Theory, Charts, & Tips for the QWERTY keyboard (mostly Windows) – Platforms, software applications, operating systems, versions, and user preferences influence how one works with accents and international characters”

The MS Word functionality was news to me, but makes perfect sense! Not quite as simple as having a keyboard with “letter+accent” keys, but more logical than alt codes, and faster than resorting to the character map.

Xara3D support have a useful crib sheet for typing accented and international characters.

Diary – Tuesday 13 August 2002

Torrential rain all afternoon. Left Liverpool Street station in chaos. Infuriating absence of public announcements resulted in hapless would-be tube travellers being directed from entrance to entrance, concourse shortcuts blocked by lakes of rainwater and cash machine queues. Took me 10 mins to elicit that tube was inaccessible. My irate departure took me straight into the lake outside McDs’ where upon annoyance really set in. Stomped to Bank muttering under my breath about city wankers with golf umbrellas restricting walking flows to one person per pavement width. Phoned Phil to alert him to my inevitable delay – the reason for my brisk pace and ire being that I was due to met him outside the Prince Charles at 6.15, and that was looking wholly unlikely. And I’d tried to make sure I’d not be late. Foiled again

Arrived sodden at Bank and opted for the Waterloo and City line to waterloo thence Northern line to Leicester Square, figuring that the Central was more at risk of flooding, and heavy demand from fleeing commuters.

Got to Prince Charles just ahead of Phil even so (just) and we munched pop corn and revels through “No Man’s Land”.